Do you have any cold spots in your Office / Home? Places that never feel warm even when the rest of the house is good? Air balancing resolves these spots, making sure that your HVAC is optimized to work at maximum efficiency throughout the area. We address air balance issues in both residential and commercial settings.

Air balancing is the process of ensuring air is evenly distributed by your HVAC system and ducts throughout your space. When you balance the air you make sure that the correct amount of heat transfer is occurring in all zones of the property.

Benefits of Air Balancing

  • Ensures proper air change rates and relative pressures.
  • Decreases monthly utility expenses.
  • Maintain a comfortable environment.
  • Prolongs the life of your equipment.

Aside from making your home more comfortable, air balancing also decreases your monthly utility expenses because it ensures your unit is working at maximum efficiency. Furthermore, air balancing can extend the life of your HVAC.

Whether you’re installing a new system or having your current system repaired, air balancing can reduce costs around maintenance and lengthen the intervals of time you can go between service visits.

Common causes of air delivery imbalance

A number of factors can contribute to an imbalance in your air ducts, but the main things to look out for are:

  • HVAC duct leaks
  • Poorly chosen air register locations
  • Duct dampers or boosting fan malfunctions,
  • Improper materials used in the construction of ducts
  • Duct cleanliness

Not all of these issues may be obvious to the average homeowner and a professional HVAC technician should be consulted.

Whatever the issue with your air ducts and airflow, Above + Beyond Service Company’s highly-skilled technicians can perform your HVAC air duct balancing and return the air delivery in your home to normal comfort levels.

We pride ourselves on finding the problem quickly and offering you guaranteed solutions within your budget.


Chilled Water System Balancing

Ensuring that your heating and chilled water system is balanced is a crucial and cost-efficient way of maintaining adequate pressure throughout your HVAC system, regardless of environmental factors or spikes in usage.

We offer a range of services for water systems including validation, commissioning and water treatment. Our customers include hotels, hospitals, government buildings, office blocks, schools & colleges, residential properties and many more

Larger systems often require differential pressure controllers, balancing valves or pressure independent control valves to maintain a balanced level throughout the building. Ensuring that these components are functional and configured correctly after installation and checking them regularly will help ensure your system is as efficient as possible.

An unbalanced system can cause various issues depending on the scale of the problem and the size of the building. Some areas may be getting too much heat whilst other parts of the building could be too cold for your staff to work comfortably. A balanced system helps ensure a steady temperature throughout the building and can dramatically reduce the amount of energy wasted.

We can also help identify overflows which cause the pump to work more than required. Identifying these issues and resolving them will also reduce wasted electricity and therefore reduce your costs.

For more information on our hydronic balancing service, please get in touch.